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           Oh, can’t believe it
         turned out real good!




I visited a place called Cedar Key and I was two feet from this pelican. It makes me happy inside knowing that this bird some how knew I wouldn’t hurt him.                                  ©whocantopit



If this picture looks funny, what do you think humans look like? That would be stupid!!!!



This is Paco, a bird I used to have when I was younger. My mother rescued this mollucan from a human family that was abusing him. My mother used to raise birds and that is why she rescued him. Paco was wild, mean and hateful for what had happened to him. Who could really blame him. We kept him in a small cage in the upstairs kitchen and I was told to stay far away as Paco’s beak was strong enough to snap a broomstick in half with one bite. Since I was grounded all the time, I didn’t have many friends so I would sit in a chair and talk to him. I would just sit there and talk about everything that I had done for the day. As the days pasted I would sit closer to the cage and was able to stick my finger on the rim of the cage.

Paco’s eyes would open so wide and he would cock his head looking at my finger. Sometimes he would squawk and flap his wings in fear I would hurt him. I would pull back and treasure him that I was nor there to hurt him.

Then one day he trusted be and I was able to scratch his head. After awhile I was able to open the cage and lordly he climbed on my hand and u took him down the stairs and showed my mom. Boy was she surprised and from there on out everyone would try to be with him but he would only squawk loudly at them.

As time came to pass Paco’s became my best friend. He would eat with me. Sit on my bed as I did my homework and things like that. I taught him many tricks as one was playing hide and seek.

Then one day I got a boyfriend and he would come over and visit me and Pack didn’t like it. Little did I know but Paco’s was in love with me. One time me and my boyfriend were playing billiards and Paco’s didn’t like the I ignored him so when my boyfriend left I was tired and wanted to go to bed n Paco’s got mad at me. He started squawking at me so I reached my hand back and with a snap of head he crabbed my finger and started shaking his head back and forth. My mother panicked and grabbed a broom and swepted him back in the cage all the while cursing him out. But through all this to our amazement Paco didn’t even break the skin.

Awhile later I got married and left home and yes without Paco. Paco was so Pissed that he chewed his way out of his cage and chewed up my dads gun cabinet and boy they were Pissed. My dad told her she had to get rid of him but she said no and brought home a female to love and in Fred he did and became a father many times over.


Tales from the Crypt

I used to be very hooked on a television show called Tales From the Crypt.

The tales and stories they told were amazing.

Made me wonder if stuff like that really happens.

Well to my surprise, when I was in Los Angeles,CA at the wax museum, looky what they had!

My favorite guy all time, the Crypt Keeper himself.