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In 1986 after my daughter was born, I got tired of being skinny.  So I started lifting weights.  I took my measurements and my arms were 10″, chest was 36″, waist was 19″, hips was 28″. I was 5’6″ and weighted 99lbs.

Since I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my husband at the time. All I did was pump that iron. I pumped iron in the morning, worked two shifts at my job and pumped iron at night.

Then I started getting bored. So I started running, which I hated dearly, so I put 5lbs on each ankle.

When I got bored doing that. I wondered how far and fast I could go so I took off the ankle weights. I ran 6.3 miles in 20 minutes.
When I got back I was soaking wet and collapsed for about an hour before my nightly weight lifting session.

I kept measuring my body and couldn’t get my arms any bigger than 12 and 3/4, so I started getting frustrated as usual.

Then the United States Air Force had a power lifting competition and civilians could enter and compete, so I entered.

I told my husband at the time and shit hit the fan. He told me that I was no good and I shouldn’t waste my time.

Well I told him where to stick himself, and that didn’t go well either. He told me I was a looser and wouldn’t win.

So to spite his sorry ass, I went anyway. I kept looking in the audience for his arrival and he didn’t even show til after the event.

Well to really stick something up his ass, I was the only woman civilian to enter and I won 1st place light weight division. Then what really Pissed him off was I also received the trophy for best overall lifter in woman’s division of combination light, medium and heavy weight lifters. I guess you could say, I shamed the United States Air Force.

I weighted in at a whopping 107lbs. I dead lifted 280lbs, squared 80lbs, and bench presses 95lbs.

He was so pissed I showed him off and won, he made a big stink about it, so to me our relationship was over.

After getting frustrated about not being able to increase my size, I quit like a dumbass.

I have recently started up my body building career. Mr. Scrumptious measured my arms and they were only 11″, which shamed me.

Now with dedication and hard work, my arms are 12 1/4. I only have a half inch to go to be like I was in 1988, a she-male.

I’m so happy I just can’t stop. I work out 6 days a week and some of the days I do two work outs per day.

I keep going, who knows what I will become because I surely don’t feel like a female, not like I ever have.

So to my x that didn’t support me in that adventure, up yours gomer. I now finally have someone that highly supports my weight lifting career.

So GO ME!!!!!



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