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On my trip to the dollar general store for my monthly visit. I did my shopping as usually except I was carrying a very heavy backpack.

As I was shopping I used two carry carts and obviously had one in each hand.

As I approached the check out line, there was two people in front of me. Checking out was an old woman who could barely stand and next was a fat man.

As the older woman dropped her handful of change.  She bent over holding on to her cane and could barely pick up her change.

I watched the fat man in front of me and the clerk. I couldn’t believe it, they were both standing there staring at the woman, rolling there eyes and shaking their heads.

So me with the heavy backpack and two heavy hand baskets said to the woman, “Ma’am, can I please help you pi k up your change? “.

I put down my two carry baskets and preceded to take off my heavy backpack and in doing so. The fat man says, “Oh yeah, let me help you.” And begins to bend his fat ass over.

The old woman yells at him saying, “Not you or her (meaning woman behind counter) I want her.” Pointing at me.


What ever happened to helping one another for the good?
What happened to helping and making this world a better place?

Most people won’t help anyone unless they are going to get paid.

As I can see, this story is just another example of a shitheadsociety.

Sorry, but it’s all true.


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