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The drunks at the round table across the street like to start a lot of shit. They especially like to threaten the other neighbors.
So yesterday while I was on lot patrol I kept smelling dog crap and kept looking for it trying to not let anyone know. Then bingo, I found it.
So to get even with the king of the table. I took paper and picked up the crap. Prayed real hard and slung that crap so hard. It went crack and the kings chair rattled.
All night I kept walking by to see where the crap actually ended up but it was too dark.
So in the morning I looked and Lordy be Glory the crap landed and stuck to the Kings chair. Smack dab in the middle of the back rest 3″ from the top and stuck there.
Then the drunks at the round table started stirring around getting ready for there party. So I sat at the top of my lot watching the set up events. The drunks moved this chair 5 different times, the King himself almost put his thumb in the shit.
I watched these assholes for 4 hours, reminding myself not to even smirk.
Then finally the King said to the meat wacker, “what’s that on my chair?”
The meat wacker says, “I don’t know.”
The King says, “It looks like a pile of poop. Go see what it is.”
So the meat wacker gets up, goes over to the chair. Bends over puts his face a foot from the poop and replies, “Yep, that’s what it looks and smells like!”
So the King gets up and says, “Well get it off there. I wonder how that got there?”
My silent thoughts, “Well I guess some dog found a way to shit on your thrown. :):)”
I finally had to go in because I couldn’t keep from cracking up.

Then I found another pile of dog shit in my yard and I know whose dog it came from. So tonight I’m going to pick up that shit and make a deposit, on the owners front steps.



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